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Keystone Auto Loans

Trying to find an auto loan? Of course, finding an appropriate auto finance company is crucial. Certain finance companies accommodate customers with a good credit score, while others can serve buyers that have poor credit. We have teamed with a wide spectrum of lenders fund purchases for all types of shoppers. To get matched to the best company, apply online via our website. We connect you with the ideal lender based upon your credit profile, income, upfront cash, and other criteria. No hassles, zero fees.

Keystone Poor Credit Car Loans

Have poor credit? To be sure, auto loans aren’t always easy to track down when you have a bad credit score, typically defined by a credit score of 620 or lower. The current economic crisis has been rough on people’s credit ratings, but when you apply online, we’ll connect you to lenders who can finance you despite issues such as:

  • Poor Credit
  • No Credit
  • Bankruptcy

Of course, it is essential to apply online for approval. If you don’t, it could take 2 or 3 weeks to track down a lender who can fund your loan. Plus, no one wants to deal with an in-person credit denial – how embarrassing! With our system, you only have to submit a single application, and we’ll do all of the legwork. There are some important considerations specific to financing a car with bad credit. To learn more, go here.

Keystone New Car Loans

Need to finance a brand new car? When buying a brand new car, it’s essential to get the lowest auto loan interest rates possible. Otherwise, you could end up paying much more over the length of the loan. Generally, banks and credit unions offer some of the best rates. However, they only finance people with very good credit.

Loans from dealerships or captive finance companies are another good option. Very often, dealerships run low rate specials such as 1.9 or 0.9% financing for 48, 60, or even 72 months – even better rates than a traditional financial institution can offer. For people who have a good credit record, zero APR auto loans might even be an option. Of course, you’ll want a 720 credit score at the least – significantly better than the national average (692). To find out more about financing a new car, check out this section of our site.

Keystone Used Car Loans

Buying a used car or truck? If so, you have come to the right place – especially if you don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to track down a loan. Used cars are more affordable to buy and get insured, and they have already experienced the steep initial drop in value for which new vehicles are notorious. That said, interest rates on used cars are more expensive than those on new cars. However, we can help you find low interest financing through our vast network of loan providers, finance companies, and used car lots in your city – often with little to no down payment required. To find out more about financing a used car, go here.