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Audi: Supply Problems Constraining Sales

Audi is a brand equated with quality, luxury, and performance the world over. That reputation has led to a steady increase in sales over the years. Increased sales is never a thing that you will hear an automaker complain about…unless you talk to Audi management.

Increased sales coupled with custom orders that account for 31% of sales have Audi’s manufacturing facilities at maximum capacity and the company still can not stockpile enough cars to last 60 days. Why is that such a problem? The low stockpile and shipping across an ocean can mean months long delays for delivery. Some potential buyers are looking to other auto makers instead of waiting to get the Audi – as well as the Audi auto loan – they need.

For probably the first time in automotive history, increased sales are a bad thing. Maybe the situation will cause the brand to consider building a North American manufacturing facility to meet the demand. For now, you may have to opt for a used auto loan to get behind the wheel of a (pre-owned) Audi.

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