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6 Worst Car Ideas of the Last Generation

Every generation has that car. You know the one, it is ugly, over priced, under-powered, breakdown prone, or any combination of these. With the demise of AMC the field became a little thinner. Let’s face it, AMC took ugly cars to a new level. Here are six of the worst cars produced in the 80s and 90s.

  1. Renault…anything the French company released in the U.S. was a waste.
  2. Yugo
  3. Cadillac Cimmaron
  4. Cadillac Allante
  5. Chrysler K-series
  6. Pontiac Aztek

A few of these cars were at least functional. Renault and the K-series were fuel efficient and inexpensive, so filled a role in their time. The Cadillac Cimmaron spent so much time in the shop that the owners should have just signed the titles over to their mechanic and saved themselves a few headaches. The Cadillac Allante exemplified everything that Cadillac wanted it to, but, with a price tag that was nearly 100% over its competitors, very few were ever purchased. As for the Aztek, one look at one tells the entire story.

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