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5 Most Affordable New Cars

In order to decide which new cars are the most affordable, you have to look at more than the sticker. Sure, some models offer lower sticker prices, but lose safety features or are not fuel efficient. This list is based on sticker price, standard equipment, and a year’s worth of gas (15,000 miles worth). Here are the top five most affordable new cars followed by price with a years worth of gas included.

  1. 2011 Smart Fortwo  $17,191
  2. 2012 Hyundai Accent sedan $17,712
  3. 2011 Mazda 2 $17,824
  4. 2011 Ford Fiesta sedan $18,190
  5. 2011 Honda Fit $18,569

Several models missed the cut because they lacked safety features like electronic stability control. Some lower priced trim packages were not included because, well, everyone wants electric windows, an automatic transmission, and a radio nowadays. Looking at the list, you can see that these are solid reliable cars for long term ownership.  Remember, if you are planning to buy a car with bad credit car loans, then your safest bet is to go with an affordable, reliable, and fuel-sipping model such as one of these.

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