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Acura Deals For June 2011

June means the summer car buying season is in high gear. Every automaker is hoping to capitalize on the purchasing fever that will is striking America. Here are Acura’s June lease incentives.

  • An Acura TSX can be leased one of two ways. The $0 down option will cost you $380 a month for 36 months. Your second option is to put $2,499 down and make 36 payments of $329. You can save $700 by choosing the zero down option.
  • You can get an Acura TL with zero down and $460 per month on a 36-month lease.
  • Grab an RDX for no money down and $440 a month on a 36 month lease. An added bonus is that there are only 35 payments.
  • Acura is offering preferential car loans for recent graduates. They can buy most Acura models with 1.9% financing for 36 months or 2.9% for up to 60 months.

Incentive deals are projected to be skimpy this year because of a shortage of cars. Acura does not seem to have gotten the memo and continues to offer nice incentive packages. It might be a great time to take advantage of one.

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