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Kia Looks To Move Into Top Quality Rankings

In the mid to late 1990s Kia was in a sea of  trouble. At home it was mired in strikes, walkouts, and poor morale. Internationally, it was thought of as a cheap product with a poor quality record. In 1998 the two combined with a heavy debt load to force a bankruptcy and buyout.

Hyundai Group purchased the company in 1998 and forced a wide variety of changes that have brought nothing but growth to the company. The changes started with top level management turnover and continue with a corporate makeover and public perception. Kia was able to increase its market share during the global recession and is poised for additional growth.

Currently, the company has twin complimentary goals. The first is to be one of the top three automakers in actual quality, while the other is to be in the top five in perceived quality. Since there is often a large gap in the two, Kia is working overtime to insure that the gap narrows for them. The company has come along way and, hopefully, will go a lot further.

Click here to check out more about Kia and their financing options.  Not only is Kia increasing their real and perceived quality, they are one of the most receptive manufacturers to people who have bad credit.  With the economy threatening to “double-dip,” Kia be the right carmaker at the right time for many Americans.

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