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Fastest Roads In America

Sammy Hagar said it best when he screamed ”I can’t drive 55!”. Governments have been listening and raising the average speed limit. Not to the 110 mph Sammy was caught driving in his Ferrari, but to 65 mph and higher. Even with those higher speed limits some roads are just faster to drive than others. Most of the fastest roads are are open stretches that connect major urban centers. Here are the five roads where Americans hit the highest average speeds.

  • Northbound Arizona State Route 79 between Saguaro National Park and Phoenix. The average speed on this 18 mile stretch of road is 88 mph.
  • Oklahoma State Highway 33 in both directions just Northwest of Oklahoma City. The average speed on this 24 mile stretch is 84 mph.
  • California State Route 73 in both directions between Moulton Parkway and Bear Street. Only 15 miles long, but the average speed is 81 mph.
  • Eastbound MI-5 Michigan Highway Heading into Detroit from the I-275/I-96 interchange to Telegraph Road. This short 5 mile stretch sees an average speed of 81 mph.
  • Arizona State Route 77 Northbound out of Tucson to the AZ-76/Redington Road interchange near San Manuel Airport. Another stretch of road that is just under 5 miles, but drivers average 81 mph.

INRIX, a traffic data firm, compiled the data. The average speeds on America’s highways are down about 4 mph. INRIX contributes the lower speeds to gas prices and a high amount of speed enforcement. 

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