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Winners and Losers of the Super Bowl…Commercials

Although the score from last Sunday’s Super Bowl is recorded and nearly forgotten already, the numbers from the Super Bowl ads are just beginning.  Of course, it can be a little difficult to tell who the winner is when it comes to advertisements, but that’s why the good folks at Edmunds and AutoTrader have set up ways to track which car maker’s websites saw a jump in traffic following their commercials during last Sunday’s game.

The big winner?  Fiat’s commercial for the sporty new Abarth, with a 3,354% increase in traffic for the Fiat 500 web page following the commercial.  A new twist on a very old method:  the commercial shows an average-Joe type guy walking down the street who stops and stares at a beautiful woman.  She begins talking at him in Italian, and then suddenly…she’s changed into the car.

Other winners included Chevrolet’s Sonic ad in which the new Sonic is seen performing various stunts such as bungee jumping and skydiving.  That one resulted in an increase of about 350% in searches for “Sonic”.  Hyundai’s bid for the animal star commercial niche seems to have paid off, with their ad for the Veloster producing a 716% increase in searches for the car brand.

Many of the losers, not surprisingly, are the ones that we hear the most about on the media, such as Clint Eastwood’s plug for Chrysler.  Anyone who saw the ad knew right away that frankly, it was too academic for the atmosphere of a football game.  That was the beauty of the Eminem ad last year, and apparently Chrysler didn’t recognize it in time to avoid this fiasco.  Ditto the much-talked about commercial featuring Matthew Broderick in a tip-of-the-hat to Ferris Bueller.  His plug for the CRV just seemed a little…forced.  And car buyers seemed to agree—neither of these commercials produced a noticeable increase in web traffic for their respective brands.

It’s too bad that no auto lenders can join the fray, offering TV ads for loans and such.

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