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5 Great Alternatives To Pricey Cars

Ever had dreams of a Porsche or a sweet Audi? Sure, many of us have. The dream usually ends when we look at the MSRP. If you can’t afford that new auto loan for your dream car, maybe there is an alternative that can turn you on just as much. Here are five pricey cars and there more affordable counterparts.

  • The Porsche Carrera 911 inspires many a dream. Dreams of driving and dreams of being a millionaire to afford one. Try a Chevy Corvette instead.
  • Do you like the Mercedes-Benz S class, but find the 100k price tag too much? Try the Hyundai Equus at 60 instead.
  • SUV fans often have their eyes on a Range Rover. Why not look at a Jeep Grand Cherokee instead and keep about 50 grand in your pocket?
  • The Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder takes front and center in many of the best dreams a person could ever have. Of course, it costs about a quarter of a million to own. For similar styling, have a look at the Lotus Elise SC. It is quite an alternative for a mere $55,000.
  • The Lexus LFA is set to hit America soon. It is a sleek machine designed to eat roads for breakfast. It also going to set you back $375,000. Not to be outdone, Nissan is offering the GT-R at $97,000. Then there is the Acura NSX hitting the American market in 2013 for just a bit over 100 grand.

Everyone has to have a dream, but every once in awhile, you have to alter your dream to achieve it. Maybe these cars can help you do just that.

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