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Ford Synch Headed to Computer History Museum

Sure, looking at it now, the first Ford Synch is about as cool as a pair of your grandpa’s dentures soaking in its night time cup, the fact is that when it was released years ago it was one way-awesome gadget. Being one of the first car computer systems to be offered in production models, it is in many ways responsible for all of the subsequent touch screen and integrated goodness that can be found in many new cars today.

It is due to its trailblazing past that the good folks at the Computer History Museum have inducted the original Ford Sync into its facility. The museum’s mission is to chronicle those computerized items that you and I rely on nearly every day.

Talking about this induction, Alex Bochannek, the museum’s curator and senior manager, said, “As cars have transformed into mobile platforms for consumers’ communication and entertainment needs, the intersection of automotive and computing developments is becoming an increasingly important area for the Museum to consider. Ford Motor Company’s collaboration with Microsoft on Sync technology is an example of this changing landscape.”  If you get a Ford auto loan, be sure to thank Synch for the cool touch screen electronics that come in your vehicle.

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