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3 Fuel Economy Myths Debunked

We all have certain things that we believe will help us save money on gas. Some work and some do not. Others are simply outdated; meaning that they worked when cars were carburetted or before the extensive use of onboard computers. Here are three fuel economy myths that need to be debunked.

Changing your air filter improves fuel economy. Modern cars was airflow sensors to determine the air/fuel mix. A dirty filter still lowers the amount of air coming in, but the car will lower the amount of fuel used as well. A dirty air filter will decrease your acceleration, but not fuel economy.

Premium gas will make your car run better. This is rarely true. Some luxury models have engines that are designed to use premium fuel, but your average vehicle will do just fine on the lowest octane.

Driving with the windows down is often said to sap fuel economy. The reasoning is that it breaks up the vehicles aerodynamics. Driving with the windows down at lower speeds(less than 65 mph) does not affect fuel economy in any measurable way, but using the air conditioning can drop your gas mileage by 3 mpg. A recent test by Consumer Reports did not notice a significant drop in mpg when running with open windows at highway speeds either.

With gas prices staying above $3.50 a gallon, fuel economy is on everyone’s minds. Keeping your car tuned properly, tires inflated correctly, and driving sensible are the best options you have to maximize your mpg.

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