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Top-Selling Cars for June 2012

The June auto sale numbers are in and the ten most popular cars for the month have been identified. Overall, the month was a fine one for the major automakers. Since June 2011, sales are up a full 20%. Leading the pack was Toyota with a stunning 60.3% year-over-year gain. Honda and Nissan came in second and third with 48.8% and 28.2% respectively.

Though not quite as staggering as the others’ figures, the American big three also did well. Ford’s June numbers were up 7% from a year ago, while Chrysler and General Motors climbed by 20.3% and 15.5%.

The top-selling vehicles in June were:

  1. Ford F-Series, with 55,025 sold in the month
  2. Chevy Silverado, 33,566
  3. Toyota Camry, 32,107
  4. Chevrolet Malibu, 31,402
  5. Honda Accord, 28,924
  6. Ford Escape, 28,500
  7. Honda Civic, 27,500
  8. Toyota Corolla/Matrix, 26,647
  9. Ford Fusion, 24,433
  10. Ram 1500/HD, 23,951
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