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5 Popular Cars That Are All Buzz But Lack Substance

Several cars capture the American imagination each year. Some for fuel economy, others for their iconic position in our history. Unfortunately, a number of these cars have a lot more buzz generated about them than they deserve. Here are five cars that are popular right now, but should be avoided by savvy car buyers.

  1. Honda Civic. The Civic is still suffering from poor design and substandard handling.
  2. Jeep Liberty. The interior is cramped and noisy. Poor fuel efficiency caps off this vehicle’s qualities.
  3. Toyota Prius C. Fuel efficient, yes, but cramped, noisy, and poor acceleration overshadow the MPG.
  4. Dodge Grand Caravan. Well appointed and comfortable. Loose trim, squeaks, and frequent repairs, as well.
  5. Ford Edge. The V6 Edge has had numerous reports of poor reliability. Consumer Reports rates the Edge as having ”much-worse-than-average” reliability.

There are many vehicles in the same categories as these that offer better quality and ride. Spend a little time reading online reviews and checking out before you apply for an auto loan for any of these vehicles.

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