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12 Years Ago Survivor Presents a Clothed Richard Hatch with a Pontiac Aztek

Has it really already been a dozen years since Richard Hatch won the inaugural season of Survivor to win a cool one million dollars and a Pontiac Aztek valued at $27,000? Yes, it has, and now we all know that the Aztek proved to be as much of a success as was Hatch’s post-Survivor life.  Yes, the Aztek has previously graced our site as not only one of the worst car ideas of the last generation, but one of the worst cars in history.

While the Aztek’s poorly thought out engineering and clunky design led to General Motors losing a few hundred million dollars, the win proved in many ways to be nothing positive for the Hatch man as well. Hatch famously failed to pay taxes for at least some of his winnings, a misstep that put him in the federal pen for 51 months (that’s more than four years for those keeping score at home).

It’s stories like these that put the Snooki pregnancy in perspective.

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