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350 Millionth Ford Focus Makes Ford World’s Top Automaker

The 350 millionth production model Ford was born on an assembly line in Thailand this week making the American automaker the most prolific car maker of all time. While the first Ford was of course the 1903 two-cylinder Model A, the 350 millionth Ford was a Ford Focus.

The production of this particular Ford is also noteworthy since it emphasizes that the Ford Focus is currently the world’s best-selling car. It snatched the crown off of the Toyota Corolla earlier this year. In the first half of the year, 489,616 Focii have been sold, while a mere 462,187 Corollas have been moved. As a whole, the auto industry continues to do well in Asia and North America while it languishes in the old, grey-toned land of Europe, sad, sad Europe.

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