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The 5 Safest Car Brands In America Are Not American

Sixty-five percent of all new car purchasers in the United States cite “safety” as their top priority in choosing a new automobile. When a woman makes the choice, that number jumps to 74%. With safety being that high a priority with American buyers, you might think that American cars would be the safest in the world. But you would be wrong.

Forbes Magazine recently reviewed information on the safest cars sold in this country as compiled by the Institutes of Highway Safety. Several US-made cars made their list of the 116 Safest Cars in America, but the top spots belong to foreigners.

Of course if you are absolutely fanatical about safety and are determined to buy American, you can go out and buy a used Hummer. There are not many vehicles on the road that could get past their huge bumpers to scratch the paint on one of those behemoths, let alone dent the bodywork or cause you harm. But practical they are not. If you want to pick one of the safest cars for sale in the U.S., your choices are strictly foreign.

Recently, Forbes Magazine reviewed the 2012 crash ratings from the Institutes of Highway Safety and picked the Top of the Tops – the Safest of the Safe. The winners are Japanese, European and Scandinavian. 

The brand sitting on top is Volvo. Long a paragon of car safety, Volvo continues to burnish its reputation as a car company that puts occupant safety first. They landed 3 of their cars in the Top 5 brands. Two sedans, the S60 and the S80, and their crossover vehicle, the XC60, were praised for their safety features. In addition to solid construction, those features include low-speed collision avoidance, high-speed collision warning/avoidance and lane-departure warning systems.

Japanese-built Infiniti also scores with two sedans and a crossover – the M37 and M56 sedans and the EX35 crossover. Like Volvo, they help drivers avoid accidents with adaptive headlamps, blind spot monitoring/intervention, collision warning and lane departure warning/intervention.

Germany provided the rest of the list of safest of the safe cars. Mercedes Benz scores with its M-Class SUV and its E-Class sedans. BMW is in with its 5-series sedans and Audi makes the list with its updated and upgraded A6. While they are all praised for their solid construction, the A6 was singled out as having top scores in front, side, rollover and rear-end crash tests. The BMW has a lot of the same safety features as the Volvos with the addition of an innovative side/top-view video monitor. And the two Mercedes Benz models were lauded for their Attention Assist which monitors the driver and sounds an alert if it determines he or she is drowsing at the wheel.

All in all, cars are safer than they have ever been. If you want to be the safest you have ever been, buy one of the above.

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