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Can You Really Buy a Car in a Single Day?

Is it possible to purchase a car in a single day? According to, it is indeed. However, the good boys and girls at Edmunds recommend that folks do not rush out and buy any car just to get the deal done within 24 hours. No, they stress that car buyers always need to do their due diligence.

That being said, Edmunds says that there are three simple steps to buying a car in a day. These are:

1. Find your car online. Of course, Edmunds suggests using its New Car Inventory page, but you can also use any other number of sites such as Yahoo! or the pages of individual car dealerships. Once you have found the car you are interested in, contact the deal to confirm that your target vehicle is still on the lot.

2. Make a deal by asking the dealer, again online or on the phone, about incentives and rebates. If there any, write them down and keep the information safe. Then search online at a page such as Edmunds True Market Value page to get a price quote. If the dealer’s price is below the Edmund’s quote, you can move forward with step three. However, if it is above Edmund’s price quote, contact the dealer again and make an offer for $500 below Edmund’s price.

3. Have the car brought to you (if you want), by asking the dealer to drive it to your office or home. You can test drive it then and close the deal at the same time. To do this, you will need to have your financing all figured out beforehand.  Go here to learn are pre-approved financing (article).

Conversely, if you choose to go to the lot to see and drive the car, you can set up that appointment online or via the phone as well.

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