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Nissan, the Leader in Realistic Inflatable Copies

A recent traveler to Japan stumbled across Nissan’s top-secret weapon in its plan for world dominance: the inflatable rubbery car.

The visitor to Nissan’s GRANDRIVE test track spied air-filled Infiniti and Nissan models. Somehow, the brave man was able to snap some photos, which have since found their way onto the web. The intrepid fellow even went so far as to ask around about the fleet of floats. However, he could not break the wall of deception and had to nod quietly as he was told again and again that the bouncy replicas were used in the testing of hazard-avoidance systems, since, he heard, it is much safer and cheaper to crash into inflatable fake cars than it is to smash into the real deal.

Image Source:  Jalopnik

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