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OPEC’s Oil Embargo Turns 39

Happy Birthday OPEC Oil Embargo, you turned 39 years old this October 17. Dang, it seems as if it were just yesterday that you, OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), launched your sweet-little oil embargo against America in protest of… girls going to school?… a YouTube video?… a cartoon?… dang, this writer cannot remember. You guys seem always be getting angry about something.

Well anyways, back to the birthday.

Your embargo sure made things tough for awhile. It brought the 55 miles per hour speed limit to the U.S. (Sammy Hagar sends his love), along with gas station lines that extended longer than a mile. It also gave the American automakers a heavy beating that they did not recover from for a solid number of years.

Man, those were good times.

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