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Mercedes-Benz Giving $5,000 Discounts to “VIP” Customers

Rich guys have got all the luck, don’t they? Not only do they have more cash than you and I, they get offered better deals than you and I do as well.


Always eager to rub salt in the wounds of us working poor, the bluebloods running Mercedes-Benz have told their American dealers to start offering discounts to their VIP customers. Extremely well-off car buying VIPs can get $750 off on C-Class models, $2,250 for E-Class, $3,000 for GLK-Class and $3,275 for S-Class, and a smooth $5,000 discount on the GL-Class SUV. It is up to the individual dealers as to what constitutes a “VIP.”

Mercedes has thus far enjoyed a fruitful 2012 in the states by topping both Lexus and BMW in total sales, which is a nice turn around from 2011 when the German carmaker was bested by the two in sales in the U.S.

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