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Glow-in-the-dark Roads to be Tested in 2013

If Daan Roosegaarde, Dutch inventor and the man of the double vowel, has his way the world will soon be clad in a lace made of interactive, glow-in-the-dark roads. Working with the road-building company Heijmans, Roosegaarde is using special paints that glow in the dark after being exposed to light to illuminate roads in ways that visually communicate with drivers in the way that road signs and stripes and dashed lines that are painted on roads do today.

However, the paint on the Roosegaarde road will be more than just glow in the dark, it would be mixed with elements so that it would only illuminate in specific conditions such as when roads or icy or otherwise slick. Though questions remain regarding the cost and the durability of the special paints, Heijamns will begin building test roads in 2013.

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