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Put a Halt to Texting behind the Wheel with TextBuster

Parents and employers shall rejoice for the TextBuster is here to protect teens and employees when they are behind the wheel.

Just unveiled at this year’s SEMA aftermarket car show, the TextBuster features a small device that you can hide under your car’s dash to send out a signal via Bluetooth to block all text, email and Internet access to the driver’s cell phone. However, TextBuster is no carpet bomber; it does not block the phones of the car’s passengers and still allows the driver to take and make phone calls and use the phone as a navigation device.

One additional feature of the TextBuster is that it monitors and sends tracking information such as speed alerts and route histories to a designated mom, pop, or boss. Currently, Textbuster is only available for Android devices. Soon Windows and Blackberry versions will be released, while an iPhone model is still being worked upon. The Android-compatible TextBuster starts at $179.

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