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Chief FHWA Crash Causation Study Engineer Resigns

Dr. Samir Ahmed, PhD, PE, the Chief Engineer of the Federal Highway Administration’s motorcycle crash causation study has resigned, saying that he had “serious reservations about the value of the study.”

According to Motorcycle Consumer News, the doctor, in a parting email, wrote, “I am writing to let you know that I am no longer working on the motorcycle crash causation study. I have serious reservations about the value of study with the existing FHWA involvement. My expectations of the study are very low.”

Mandated by the busy-bodies in Congress, the study was supposed to collect date from 1,200 crashes. However, the cost of the study soon doubled, which led to a reduction of the study’s scope. Instead, data from 120 crashes, or 10% of what was originally planned, is being collected.

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