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DANGER ALERT: 89,000 Ford Escapes, Fusions Ready to Catch Fire

Ford has announced that that there are 89,193 2013 Ford Fusions and Ford Escape SUVs with 1.6-liter turbocharged engines on North American roads RIGHT NOW that could catch fire at any moment.  In fact, the danger is so clear and present that the American automaker has told all American owners to park their cars and back away slowly.

The danger is due to the possibility of the coolant caps in the vehicles o’ fire could work themselves loose causing coolant to spray across the engine and catch fire. A second danger is that these Ford firetraps have weak gas lines.

As of the time of this writing, there have been no reports of death caused by the faulty caps and gas lines, although, it must be pointed out that burnt corpses rarely write letters of complaint. One driver barely escaped his ravenous Ford Escape. He said:

“There was a ‘pop’ sound in the engine area. Instantly, the accelerator had no response, the high engine temperature warning light came on, and then all warning lights, gauges, & tachometer all went dead. Luckily, we were adjacent to an exit ramp, and we coasted to a stop…Immediately, white steam came out of the engine compartment. Knowing the third recall dealt with the “risk of engine fires”, we got out, and moved well away from the vehicle. Within minutes, brown, oily smoke came out from under the hood. Then flames came out from under the hood, at the windshield and out the sides of the engine compartment. Then the car burst into flames and was destroyed. We feel we are lucky to be alive!”

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