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The Ten Least Expensive Cars In 2013

If you are looking to buy a new car, you have probably been shocked by the price on the window of many of them. Some cars come with a monthly payment that nearly equals your rent/mortgage. Unless you are well established at work or have fallen into a well paying job, you may want to consider a few of the cars on this list.

The cars on this list are ranked by estimated annual fuel costs and MSRP. The MSRP and an average annual fuel cost estimate is given next to the name of the car. Keep in mind, that the MSRP is just a guide, you should never pay that price.

  • Smart ForTwo…$13,240…$1,500
  • Nissan Versa…$13,780…$1,400
  • Chevy Spark…$13,920…$1,500
  • Ford Fiesta…$15,090…$1,500
  • Kia Rio…$15,450…$1,550
  • Toyota Yaris…$15,890…$1,500
  • Chevy Sonic…$16,090…$1,550
  • Scion iQ…$16,140…$1,300
  • Hyundai Accent…$16,320…$1,550
  • Mazda2…$16,355…$1,650

Even though these cars are reasonably priced compared to other cars on the market, buying used may make sense for most people. Also, there are plenty of 2012 models still on dealer’s lots that have never been driven. The discounts on those should make them a much more economic value than their 2013 counterparts.

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