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New Vehicle Laws and Regulations to Watch Out For in 2013

The turn of the calendar does not just mean funny hats and Ryan Seacrest on the tube in his skinny slacked suits. No, also with the New Year come new rules and regulations governing the way we get from here to there. These are laws you have got to be aware of.

West Virginians are going to be prohibited from handheld cell-phone use (yeah, who knew they had phones, right?) joining 32 other states that already ban texting while sitting behind the wheel. Missourians meanwhile will become the 17th state in the nation to mandate that convicted drunk drivers have ignition interlocks put on their cars so that they will be forced to pass an alcohol breath-test before their vehicles can be started.

Maine has passed a hard-hitting law to keep teens from driving at night or with passengers until they are aged 17 years and nine months.

Moving forward, the unelected bureaucrats at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are going to continue their assault on the poor by considering the passing of laws requiring backup cameras, wireless technology that enables vehicles to communicate with one another, and event data recorders be installed on all new vehicles.

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