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10 Hardest-to-Find Cars in 2013


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Forbes has done it again, giving us a glimpse of that which most of us will never have by compiling a list (man, Forbes loves lists) titled, “10 Hardest Cars to Find for 2013.”

The cars on the list are not supercars nor the uber-expensive. They made it onto the list simply because demand for them is quickly outstripping their supply. To figure this out, Forbes went to to learn how long cars were in dealer inventory before being sold.

The 10 hardest-to-find cars in 2013 are:

  1. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 sits on dealership lots for an average of only 11 days despite its $55,000 price tag.
  2. The Ford Fusion has an average wait of 11 days as well.
  3. The ultra-boxy Mercedes Benz G-class waits 14 days due to the German carmaker not churning many of them out.
  4. The Kia Soul, which would be the list’s ugliest car if it weren’t for the above-listed Mercedes Benz G-class, is in stock for just 15 days before being moved for about $15,000.
  5. My favorite car on the list is the $25,000 Scion FR-S, a fun, fun, fun sports car that can be had for $25,000. Its average length of stay with a dealer is 15 days.
  6. The Hyundai Genesis coupe, bursting with 30 percent more power than last year’s model, also sits just 15 days on lots.
  7. My second pick on the list is the BMW M6 coupe, which also happens to be the highest performance 6-series version available. After not being on the market for a couple days, it is back and waiting 17 days on average.
  8. The Ford C-Max hybrid is a sensible buy that lasts 17 days.
  9. The Mercedes Benz M-class is in a showroom for an average of 18 days waiting for love.
  10. The Subaru BR-Z is another exciting car to drive. Co-developed with the Scion FR-S, it needs just 18 days to find an owner.

Technorati Code:  HEPMZWP22ERV

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