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Can You Get a Car Loan Without a Job?

I cannot think of any circumstances under which you can get a car loan without some sort of income. Lenders want to see an ability to repay the loan – that’s the issue. Without an income stream, you would not be able to repay the funds they lend you. Really, the only way to secure a car loan without a job of some kind is to have a non-occupational income stream.  This would typically be from benefits of some kind:

Though, in some cases, things like investments and structured settlements may qualify.  No matter what, however, lenders will also prefer applicants who have some form of job, preferably as a salaried W2 employee. You will need to indicate your type of employment/income on your secure credit application, and you can discuss your financial situation with a finance specialist.

Financing a Car With No Job or Income = Bad Idea

Would it really make financial sense to take on a loan without an income? If you need a car to get to job interviews, you are still taking a risk that you will get hired in time to receive a check before the first payment is due. In many states, a vehicle can be repossessed after just a single missed payment. There are cases when lenders or dealers can send out a recovery team the very next day!  Obviously, repossession makes for a big blemish on your credit report, and it will keep you from being able to finance a car for at least a few months.

If you have money on hand for a down payment, is it enough to buy an older used car from a private seller? This may not be the most desirable option, but it may be the best one open to you until you have steady employment.

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