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Can You Get a Car Loan with a Suspended License?

You should be able to get a car loan with a suspended license if you have good credit. You need to expect the loan officer to ask how long your license is suspended and for what reason.

Lenders will consider all of the usual aspects of your loan application: credit history, ability to repay, and down payment. If your credit history is good enough for you to have a score over 700, you should be able to get a loan from just about any lender you choose. That will make it easier for you to shop your loan and find the most favorable terms. Under 700 and you may need to consider applying through a credit union or an online service like ours, allowing you to submit your application online.

Lenders are going to look at your ability to repay the loan. Most lenders want to see that all of your debt repayment obligations are under thirty percent of your disposable (after tax) income. This includes the payments on the loan that you are applying for.

The amount you are able to put down on a vehicle can be the deciding factor, especially if you have a less than stellar credit score. With a high score(over 725) you may only need 10 percent down. Between 625 and 724 you may need any where from 15 percent to 30 percent down. Under 625 you may need as much as 50 percent down.

Even if you get a car loan with a suspended license, you may be offered better terms if you wait until your suspension is over and you have paid all of the fees needed to have your license reinstated.

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