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3 Used Cars That Are Better Deals Than A New Car

Unless you are in a field that is unaffected by the current economy, a new car may be out of the question. If you shop carefully, you can still get a newer car with fewer miles and more features. Thankfully, there was nothing on television today, and here are three of those cars.

2006 Toyota RAV4 Limited 4WD 6 Cylinder

  • 2006 MSRP: $21,500
  • 2011 NADA average retail: $16,450

The RAV4 is a low weight vehicle that is capable of decent gas mileage. Plenty of cargo space and a full spectrum of features. The 6 cylinder offers a steady power supply and, with regular maintenance, these SUVs should see 150,000 miles plus without major malfunction.

2006 Nissan Altima SL 4-Door 6-cylinder

  • 2006 MSRP: $17,750
  • 2011 NADA retail: $13,000

2006 marked the last year before the Altima underwent a makeover. The makeover robbed some of the power from the 6. Gas mileage that tops 25 mpg on the highway combined with a very comfortable ride make this a great car for a family of four or fewer.

2008 BMW 750Li 4 door

  • 2008 MSRP: $76,800
  • 2011 NADA retail: $39,500

The 7 series is known for its over-engineering and being very overpriced when brand new. That is why they take such a major depreciation hit for the first three years. After that, they begin to hold steady. BMW 7 series needs no details to be given. 7 series is all that needs said.

The 2011 NADA price assumed 60K miles on the car, but that is not too much for a car that is 3-5 years old. Shop carefully for a good loan, and you will find yourself in a fairly new car with money still left in your savings account.

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