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Our Story

The founders of Keystone Auto Loans were highly experienced veterans of the automotive, insurance, and finance industries who wanted to provide a better way for people of all credit tiers and income brackets to get approved for financing. They were powerfully inspired by the economic downturn of 2008, when approval rates plummeted for consumers across the board. Lenders tightened up their approval criteria, and it became very difficult to finance a car, even with a decent credit score and income. They knew, given their expertise and experience, they could create a better system for people to secure the auto loan they needed.

Relationships Meet Technology

They leveraged their considerable knowledge of the industry into a state-of-the-art application placement system. This is the core of the Keystone Auto Loans business: matching each consumer with a lender who wants to fund their loan. After all, they knew that each lender has its own criteria for evaluating applicants, which may include factors like location, income, credit profile, down payment, and debt-to-income ratio. Instead of running the application gamut – submitting credit requests at a multitude of local banks, credit unions, and dealers – consumers could apply just once, and get matched to a company who wants their business.

Special Finance Experts

This process has proved especially advantageous when it comes to subprime or special auto finance, as these consumers are often declined by multiple lending companies before securing a loan. Keystone Auto Loans has improved this process by leaps and bounds, empowering their clients to avoid such frustration and embarrassment.

Consumer Education

But the team at Keystone Auto Loans didn’t stop there. They knew that transparency was an unfortunate rarity in the auto finance world, and they set about to fix this through in-depth consumer education. While competitors may paint an overly rosy picture of auto lending, Keystone Auto Loans dedicated themselves to offering their visitors, followers, and clients a clear window into the realities of auto financing. This mission has made them some enemies in the automotive world – with predatory companies who would rather not have their tricks and tactics revealed – but it has won the company a loyal following of appreciative customers.

If you’ve been in the market for an auto loan of your own, we encourage you to apply online. We’ll work hard to get you into the car you need at a rate you can afford.