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In need of a $5,000 car loan? No matter whether the vehicle you want is new or pre-owned, we will help you get the amount you need.

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We’ll connect you to the vehicle loan company who is best suited for you, given:

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Our network is vast, and it includes all sorts of loan creditors: banks, dealerships, and vehicle finance companies. There’s a lender who can provide you with the $5,000 auto loan you want – on the web!

Car Loans Under $5,000: Suggestions

Any time you finance a $5,000 car, it’s a good idea to provide a down payment. What amount? It might seem like a lot, but 10 to 20 percent is usually suggested, which translates to $500 to $1,000.

With that being said, many companies are able to approve car loans under $5,000 with zero down payment, while others only demand a $500 flat fee. You just need to indicate how much of a down payment you’ll be able to provide when you apply online.

$5,000 Auto Loan: Payment Amount Per Month

It goes without saying, everyone wants to find out how much the payments are going to be. Essentially, your monthly payments will be determined by your annual percentage rates and fico score.

For a 48 used car auto loan of $5,000, you should be expecting to pay somewhere around $115 to $125 a month with a good credit score, $125 to $140 with fair credit, and $150 to $155 with a low credit score.

No question, your credit score impacts your monthly payments practically as much as the amount borrowed does.

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