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Auto Loans For Federal Employees

Auto Loans for Federal Employees
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Are you a federal employee and want an auto loan? Federal employees are great loan candidates, as they enjoy stable income and job security. And as civil servants, they deserve discounted interest rates, without a doubt. It’s for this reason that we match you with a wide array of financial institutions who regularly provide auto loans to government workers. We’ve helped many a federal employee to find the auto loan they needed, and we can help you to get the lowest possible interest rates. After you submit your application, please inquire with your lender about special APR discounts for federal employees.

Federal Employee Car Loan Rates

Whenever you would like to get a car as a federal employee, it’s a good idea to arrange your automotive loan beforehand. This means applying online through our service. Once you do this, our Advanced Credit Matching software (ACM) works to match you with the very best lender taking into account your location, credit ranking, advance payment, and budget. If matched, you’ll be pre-authorized to finance the vehicle of your choosing.

You can expect your interest rates to vary according to a sliding scale, mainly based on your fico scores. The higher your credit score, the cheaper your rates. That said, many lenders offer discounted rate specials for people who work for the government. This is especially true if you work for the DOD or a federal law enforcement agency; however, many other agencies also qualify. Speak to your lender for more details.

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