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Wondering whether a 48 month car loan is right for you? Without a doubt, 4 years is a fairly short time to pay off an auto loan.

Lengthier car loans divide the amount borrowed into less expensive repayments over a longer length of time, yet you will ultimately pay more when it comes to interest fees. Furthermore, the buyer will probably be up against an “upside down” equity situation for a longer period of time.

Shorter term car loans will let you repay your car or truck in less time, and you’ll pay less in the way of total interest. However, the payments are much higher.

Listed here are the merits and drawbacks. Keep in mind, 48 months makes for a pretty short-term loan.

Longer Term

Shorter Term

  • Cheaper Monthly Payments

  • More Interest Paid

  • Worse Interest Rates

  • More Risk of Being Upside Down

  • Less Trade-in Value

  • Expensive Monthly Payments

  • Less Interest Paid

  • Better Interest Rates

  • Less Risk of Being Upside Down

  • More Trade-in Value

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4 Year Car Loan Rates

The rate you will be charged to get any 4 year car loan varies according to your credit ratings, your city, and your car loan company.

Having said that, we can show you certain installment payments and finance fees based on interest levels for excellent, good, fair, bad, and horrible credit, together with a $20,000 loan amount.

Interest Rate

Monthly Payment

Total Interest Amount

  • 4.5% APR

  • 6.0% APR

  • 8.0% APR

  • 12% APR

  • 20% APR

  • $455

  • $470

  • $490

  • $525

  • $610

  • $1,890

  • $2,550

  • $3,435

  • $5,280

  • $9,200

Clearly, the installment payments for your 48 month car loan will be high, while the total amount of interest paid will be low. The 48 month car loan is an intelligent choice for buyers who don’t want to pay a lot in the way of interest, yet don’t want to be faced with exorbitant monthly payments either.

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