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Wondering whether or not a 6 year car loan is right for you? No matter how long you choose to finance your vehicle, your chosen length of term will come with its own distinctive merits and drawbacks.

Shorter auto loans enable you to pay down your car or truck in less time, and you’ll pay less in the form of total interest. However, the monthly payments are much higher.

Longer car loans split the amount borrowed into smaller monthly payments over a longer length of time. On the other hand, you will ultimately pay more in the way of total interest. On top of that, you may be faced with an “upside down” loan situation for a longer length of time.

Let’s consider the various pros and cons of shorter as opposed to long term automobile financing. Keep in mind, 72 months makes for a long-term loan.

Short Term

Long Term

  • Higher Monthly Payments

  • Lower Total Interest

  • Lower APR Rates

  • Less Negative Equity

  • Better Trade-in Value

  • Lower Monthly Payments

  • Higher Total Interest

  • Higher APR Rates

  • More Negative Equity

  • Lower Trade-in Value

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72 Month Car Loans: Rates

In reality, 72 month car loan rates will differ in accordance with your credit score, where you live, and your finance company.

Having said that, we can offer you various monthly payments and finance fees for 72 month car loans with 4.5%, 6%, 8%, 12%, and 20% annual percentage rates, coupled with a $20,000 loan amount.

Interest Rates

Monthly Payment

Total Interest Amount

  • 4.5% APR

  • 6.0% APR

  • 8.0% APR

  • 12% APR

  • 20% APR

  • $320

  • $330

  • $350

  • $390

  • $480

  • $2,860

  • $3,865

  • $5,250

  • $8,150

  • $14,490

Basically, when dealing with 72 month auto loans, you can expect a low monthly installment yet a high total amount of interest. Seventy-two month car loans are becoming an increasingly popular choice among buyers who would trade more interest paid for lower monthly payments, which may enable them to get behind the wheel of a better, more luxurious, or otherwise more expensive vehicle.

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