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96 Month Auto Loans

96 Month Auto Loan
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Interested in a 96 month car loan?

No doubt, 96 months is a very, very long time to be paying off a new vehicle.

Lengthier auto loans divide the amount you borrow into smaller monthly payments over a greater period of time, yet this extended repayment period translates to more total interest. Furthermore, you may be up against negative equity for a longer length of time.

Shorter term car loans help you completely pay down your car or truck faster, and you will not pay so much in terms of total interest. Having said that, the monthly payments will run you a good bit more than they would for a 5-7 year loan.

Below are the positives and negatives. Bear in mind, 8 years makes for an uber long-term loan.

Short Term

Long Term

  • Higher Monthly Payments

  • Lower Total Interest

  • Lower APR Rates

  • Lower Negative Equity

  • Better Trade-in Value

  • Lower Monthly Payments

  • Higher Total Interest

  • Higher APR Rates

  • Higher Negative Equity

  • Lower Trade-in Value

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Auto Loans for 8 Years: Payments

Your exact annual percentage rate will depend on many factors besides auto loan term length.

With that being said, we’re able to provide you with various installment payments and finance fees based on interest rates for excellent, good, fair, bad, and very bad credit, along with a $20,000 loan amount.

Rate Of Interest

Monthly Payment

Total Interest Amount

  • 4.5% APR

  • 6.0% APR

  • 8.0% APR

  • 12% APR

  • 20% APR

  • $250

  • $265

  • $285

  • $325

  • $420

  • $3,850

  • $5,230

  • $7,140

  • $11,205

  • $20,230

As you can tell, the monthly payments on your 96 month car loan will be low, while the overall interest paid will be high. In reality, 96 month car loans are fairly rare, because they are only a good idea in a couple of cases: either a) the borrower has stable, high income and would like a very expensive car without exceedingly expensive monthly payments, or b) the vehicle being financed will, for one reason or another, appreciate in value over the 8 year course of the loan (such as show car or rare automobile).

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