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Many automobile finance companies have joined the ranks of businesses that use online commerce or conduct their loan application process over the internet. While online auto loans are convenient, save time, and have several other advantages, make sure the online company has good customer service in case you have questions or concerns once your application is approved.

Most online companies offer different types of auto loans. A loan may be approved for a new vehicle, a used vehicle, to purchase a vehicle from a private party, or to refinance an existing auto loan at a lower interest rate. A comparison of the interest rates offered by different companies can be done at home, making applying for these loans very convenient. When visiting websites to compare interest rates, make sure the lenders with the best rates also have good customer service.

Here at Keystone Auto Loans, we enable you to apply online for financing free of charge. Our advanced application placement system then places you with the optimal lender or dealer from our extensive national network.

The Importance of Customer Service

When online car loans come from a company that only conducts business online, one can’t go to the local office to get answers to questions or solve a problem. Thus, customer service becomes very important. During the application process the website might answer all your questions; however, once a loan is approved, customers need to communicate with their lenders. Look for contact information or an online chat service on the lender’s website. Even if all of your questions are answered by a frequently asked questions section, use the phone numbers, email addresses, or online chat to contact a representative in the companies with the best rates. After your loan is approved, you may have concerns or questions, and you’ll need to be able to communicate with your lender.

Security and Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Make sure the website is secure and read the privacy policy to make sure the personal information you provide is safe. Once you get pre-approved by a lender or dealer, remember that not all lenders are Better Business Bureau accredited; companies that are, have sought out their accreditation, and have agreed to abide by strict rules regarding customer service. These rules and are designed for customer protection. It’s a good idea to make sure no BBB complaints are filed against the dealership or lender you want to do business with.

Application Fees & Online Payment Options

Unlike some companies offering online auto loans, we don’t charge an application fee and there’s no obligation to accept a loan once it’s approved. This provides more flexibility during a search for the best interest rate, and it’s especially important if you have special needs, such as the need to have no down payment. Once you get in touch with your lender, note whether there’s a fee charged for online payments. An online payment option provides the advantage of making monthly payments from any location. Setting up auto-pay is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss any payments.

Developing a Budget

When taking on any new debt, do a realistic analysis of your income and living expenses. Writing everything down will help you compare your income to what goes out to pay bills each month. Include regular ongoing expenses and add a reasonable amount for variable expenses, such as entertainment, clothing, and recreation. Then make a determination of how much extra you can afford for your car payment. When people use credit to spend more than they earn, they usually end up in financial difficulty. Getting an auto loan online can help you improve your credit, if you make your payments on time. This is a significant advantage for people with bad credit.