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Fewer Families Own Cars: Nearly 10%!

For the first time in fifty years, fewer Americans own cars. Recent data shows that 9.3% of American families are now without a car. Though many may believe this trend is due to current economic conditions, State Highway and Transportation officials say it is because there are a variety of alternatives to travel. Other studies […]

Rising Large SUV Sales = a Happy General Motors

General Motors, with its GMC Yukon, GMC Yukon XL, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Chevrolet Suburban, is reaping the benefits of the resurgence of the full-size SUV market. Long the most dominant maker of large SUVs, GM currently has a 74 percent market share of this segment. And, with each of these models being completely redesigned for […]

STOP THE PRESSES: Auto Sales DOWN in September

Just when you thought it was safe to go into a car dealership again, numbers from September show that auto sales for the month are down from last year. This is the most sluggish car sales have been since April. Although the tea leaves are still being read, early signs point to 15.28 million cars […]

The Smartphone is the Key to New Auto Tech

Behold the magnificent smartphone, a wonder that contains more computing power than did an average desktop computer of 10 years ago, while at the same time being so accessible that kids to grandparents can pick one up and use it with no prior instruction. Yes, smartphones have changed our daily lives, and now they are […]

Hyundai Cannot Build Cars Fast Enough, Says CEO

Hyundai Motor Co.’s U.S. CEO John Krafcik says that the South Korean automaker’s inability to build more cars for the North American market is losing it sales in the U.S.  Selling cars produced by factories that are already operating at full capacity, Hyundai was only able to increase its sales by 1.9 percent in the […]

Philip Caldwell, Ford’s First Non-Ford CEO Dead at 93

Philip Caldwell, the first non-family member to be a Ford Motor Co. CEO, has died at his home in New Canaan, Conn., at the age of 93 due to complications brought about by a stroke.  Caldwell, a plain spoken, mild-mannered fellow took the helm of the American carmaker in 1978 after Lee Iacocca has fired […]

Nissan’s Price Cuts (May be) Triggering Industry Price War

Carmakers across the globe are saying that price cuts Nissan recently made to its cars and trucks in America may trigger a global-wide price war. Nissan’s move to drop prices by an average of $500 has proved to be successful so far with its sales jumping by 25 percent last month, treble the industry’s average.  […]

Fiat Renews $2.64 Billion Credit Line, Readies to Buy Rest of Chrysler

Fiat has renewed the agreement it has had since July 2011 with nine bank to keep open a $2.45 billion revolving credit line with the plan, it is believed by many industry observers, to purchase the shares of Chrysler it does not already own. Currently, 58.5 percent of the third-largest American carmaker is owned by […]

Susan Docherty Saying Bye-Bye to GM

Susan Docherty, the president and managing director of Chevrolet and Cadillac in Europe, has announced that she will retire September 30 after working for General Motors for more than 27 years. One of the leading female executives in the automotive world, Docherty has long been respected for the leadership she has shown and the success […]

NYC to Sell 535 Cars Towed in Super Storm Sandy

New York City officials have announced that the city will soon sell 535 cars and light trucks that were towed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.   The city collected around 3,300 vehicles after the storm, 2,765 of which were later claimed by their owners. The 535 vehicles in question are still living sad, stationary […]