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Drive Financial Auto Loans

Drive Financial Auto LoansDrive Financial offers auto financing directly to customers or though their network of dealerships across the country. No matter what your credit situation, Drive Financial has options available to help you finance a vehicle. For those with poor or fair credit, Drive Financial offers loans specifically designed for sub-prime borrowers. This gives customers with less than perfect credit the opportunity to acquire a vehicle while also improving their credit score.

Drive Financial Auto Loans For Customers With Poor Credit

Drive Financial offers simple interest auto loans to customers. Simple interest means that when you make a payment, part of your payment goes toward the principle amount paid for the vehicle, and part of the payment goes to interest. The longer you pay on a simple interest loan, the more money each month is allocated toward the principle of the loan. A simple interest loan can be great for people with bad credit, because it gives you some flexibility as to how you pay off your auto loan.

For instance, if you make your payment earlier than the due date, more of your payment goes to the principle amount. If you pay your loan payment on time, then you pay exactly the agreed amount toward the principle. However, if you make late payments, the majority of your payment will go to the interest and not the principle. When you are approved for an auto loan from Drive Financial, it is essential to make payments on time and early if possible. This simple interest approach will allow you to pay off your loan quickly and to re-establish your credit at the same time.

Drive Financial Contact Information

Drive Financial is owned by Santander, a consumer financial company. You can reach their customer service department by calling 1-(888)-222-4227. If you need to contact the company via mail, you can write to their main address at Santander Consumer USA Inc. P.O. Box 961245, Fort Worth, TX 76161-1245. You can also contact customer service through their website, by filling out the customer contact form. Any email communication can be sent to: