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GMAC Auto LoansGeneral Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) auto loans was established in 1919 for the stated aim of enabling the dealers and customers of General Motors finance their various car purchases. Even though GMAC was primarily focused on auto loans in its early stages, the company soon quickly expanded to include other forms of financing. Some of the other financial services provided by GMAC include commercial finance, mortgage and insurance. Initially, GMAC auto loans mainly provided loans to customers seeking to purchase vehicles from General Motors. However, this changed when GMAC was sold in 2006 to an interest independent of the General Motors Corporation.


Following the fallout from the 2008 recession which seriously put a dent in the image of the General Motors brand, GMAC was renamed as Ally Financial Inc. This is a marketing or rebranding strategy aimed at creating a distance between GMAC car loans and the taint of its well-publicized financial struggles during the recession. Now, the company is working hard to establish itself as a trustworthy and stable company. Those seeking to purchase various vehicles, especially Chrysler and GM vehicles, can apply for GMAC auto loans through the extensive network of dealerships around the country. A GMAC auto loan usually offer borrowers really good financing terms, including affordable monthly repayment options.

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Potential borrowers may apply for GMAC auto loans (or Ally Financial Inc. auto financing and leasing as it is now known), through its convenient online financial website at, or by calling 1-888-925-ALLY (2559) at the times stated on the website. The headquarters of Ally Financial Inc. is located at Detroit, MI 48265-2000. One of the advantages of applying for GMAC auto financing is the fact that borrowers may browse through a wide variety of options in order to locate what suits them the most. Another benefit is that those with somewhat tarnished credit, who may not qualify for other forms of traditional loans, may qualify for specific types of GMAC auto loans. In order to discover the type of auto loan you qualify for, you can contact a representative either online, over the phone or at the other listed physical locations.