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SST Auto Loans

SST, or Systems and Services Technologies, Inc. is a consumer loan servicer. This means that SST offers third-party loans to consumers, generally though a car dealership or other financial institution. While SST offers many auto loan options, you cannot apply for a loan directly through SST. To apply for an SST Auto Loan, it is a good idea to first locate a car dealership that uses the company for their in-house financing. Getting financed at the dealership can save a lot of time and hassle, so you can get on the road in your new car as soon as possible.

Benefits to Getting an SST Auto Loan

SST was founded to provide consumer financing solutions in 1995. As an established company, SST has built a reputation as a reliable consumer loan servicer. SST specifically provides auto loans for sub-prime borrowers, such as those who have a poor or fair credit rating. Remember that if your credit score is low, you may qualify for an auto loan with a higher interest rate than someone with a better credit rating. Although a sub-prime loan is more expensive, it is also a great way to establish a good credit history by making regular payments each month. Getting an auto loan from SST can actually help improve your credit score in the future. SST is the nation’s leading third-party servicer, so there are many car dealerships that offer loans through this servicer. Simply ask your local dealership if they have loans available through SST to get started.

Contact Information For SST Auto Loans

You can contact SST directly by phone at (800)392-8308. If you have a question about your auto loan, select option 7 on the automated menu. SST also has a Request Information Form on their website at which allows you to ask a question online. Simply submit the online form with your contact information to receive a reply from SST. Because SST only offers auto loans through a third party, if you have questions about your loan or payments you should contact the dealership or financial institution through which you applied for the loan.