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The vast majority of purchasers secure an auto loan to fund their new or pre-owned Buick. The Enclave is a great buy, as is the LaCrosse. Regardless of what vehicle you want, pre-arranging your Buick car loan can help you save…

  • Time
  • Money
  • Headaches

Any time you walk onto the dealer lot with your Buick car loan already taken care of, you bring much more leverage to the bargaining table. That is a trick well known to seasoned auto buyers, and they also understand the relief and convenience it affords you. In fact, it puts the joy back in the car buying process.

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Getting a New Buick When You Have Bad Credit

The majority of auto producers have a “captive” vehicle financing provider, meaning they provide money only to Buick buyers. These vehicle finance providers tend to be the ones that advertise deals like Buick 1.9% APR financing. After all, their primary concern is selling cars. Unfortunately, they typically just grant loans to people with a good credit rating. If you’d like to buy a new or pre-owned Buick with very bad credit, you will need to find a car loan company who can offer car loans with bad credit for Buick buyers. The good news is, that’s our area of expertise.

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New Buick Autos: Monthly Payments

Buick car loans can be used to fund one of these superb vehicles

  • Enclave
  • LaCrosse
  • Lucerne
  • Regal

Trying to figure out how expensive your monthly installments will be on a newly purchased Buick? That depends on a range of variables, such as price, amount borrowed, credit ratings, your location, and other factors. However, we can present you with a few approximate monthly payments for a 60 month new auto loan.

  • $15,000 Loan: $275 to $400
  • $25,000 Loan: $475 to $650
  • $30,000 Loan: $550 to $775
  • $40,000 Loan: $750 to $1000
  • $45,000 Loan: $850 to $1200

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