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A large percentage of MINI buyers get an auto loan to pay for their investment. Whether you want a new Cooper or perhaps the Cooper Clubman, getting your MINI car loan pre-approved will save you…

  • Time
  • Cash
  • Energy
  • Stress

We offer you private admission to a wide-ranging network of MINI car loan companies and dealers. After you submit your application, our leading edge program works to match you to a finance company willing to help you finance the MINI you want. It’s quick, simple, and cost-free.

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Popular MINI Autos: Monthly Payments

Below are just a few of the best MINIs for car financing:

  • Cooper
  • Cooper Clubman
  • Cooper Countryman

Wanting to know how expensive the monthly bills will be for a new MINI? That depends on numerous variables, including price, loan amount, credit score, your location, and additional factors. However, listed below are a few rough every-month payments for 60 month new car auto loans.

  • $15,000 Loan: $275 to $400
  • $30,000 Loan: $550 to $775
  • $50,000 Loan: $950 to $1300

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Buying Your MINI with a Low Credit Score

Nearly all automakers have a “captive” vehicle financing company, which means they give finance packages solely to MINI shoppers. These vehicle loan companies are sometimes able to supply deals like MINI 0% APR financing. After all, their primary concern is selling cars. Lamentably, they typically just approve well qualified consumers. If you’d like to get a new or used MINI with a bad credit score, you will need to find a car loan company who are able to offer auto loans with bad credit. The good thing is, this is one of our areas of expertise. Here are several things you can do to help assure that you get approved:

  • Put Down 10-15% in Advance
  • Provide The Most Accurate Data You Can When You Apply Online
  • Get a Cosigner

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