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Searching for a new Scion? We can assist you in getting the auto loan needed to finance it. Whether you want a new tC or perhaps the xB, pre-arranging your Scion auto loan will save you a lot of time and cash, and even the stress that comes with trying to negotiate your Scion’s price and annual percentage rate at the same time.

If you walk onto the dealer lot with your Scion car loan previously taken care of, you bring far more power to the negotiating table. It’s a tactic well known to veteran automotive consumers, and they also know the relief and satisfaction it affords you. Truly it puts the fun back into the car shopping process.

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Popular Scion Autos: Payments

Scion car loans can be used to pay for one of these outstanding cars

  • tC
  • xB
  • xD

Trying to figure out how expensive the monthly payments will be for a newly purchased Scion? That depends on a variety of variables, like vehicle cost, amount you borrow, fico score, your local area, as well as additional factors. With that being said, below are a handful of rough payments for 60 month new car loans.

  • $20,000 Loan: $375 to $525
  • $25,000 Loan: $475 to $650
  • $30,000 Loan: $550 to $775

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Buying Your Scion with A Bad Credit Score

Scion has a “captive” automobile lending company, which means they provide loans just to Scion shoppers. These auto financing businesses are sometimes in a position to deliver offers like Scion 1.9% car deals. After all, their primary concern is selling cars.

Unfortunately, they typically just finance well qualified consumers. If you need to get yourself a new or used Scion when you have bad credit, you have got to track down a loan company that can supply bad credit auto loans for Scion buyers. The good thing is, that’s our specialty.

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