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Auto Loans – Richmond, KY

Trying to find an auto loan in Richmond, KY? Based upon your needs, there’s a vast range of finance companies that might or might not be suitable for you. We’ve teamed with a vast range of finance institutions, credit unions, loan companies, and Richmond car dealerships which offer car loans to Richmond residents. Don’t waste your time shopping for a car loan in Richmond, KY, the old fashioned way. Let us do the legwork for you. Get a car loan quote, and we’ll match you to the financier who best suits your needs.

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Bad Credit Auto Loans: Richmond, KY

Need an auto loan with below-average credit? No worries! Without a doubt, the economy has been hard on everyone’s credit, but we’ll match you with finance companies willing to finance:

  • Subprime Credit
  • No Credit
  • Open Bankruptcy

When you’ve got bad credit, you’ll want to provide an advance payment, if possible, to lower the risk of an upside down loan.

Used Auto Loans in Richmond, KY

Richmond Used Car Loans
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Given the economic climate, a lot more people are getting used cars rather than brand new ones. For sure, a used car can be purchased and covered with insurance for a lot less than a comparable model which is completely new. Unfortunately, used car loan interest rates in Richmond, KY, tend to be steeper than new car loan rates.

That being said, we will help you find low interest rate used car loan in Richmond, KY, through loan companies, finance companies, and used car dealerships in Richmond, Kentucky.

New Car Auto Loans in Richmond, KY

Just 10 percent of individuals actually pay cash for their brand new vehicle, which means an auto loan is frequently needed. We will help you track down the best auto finance rates available. If you have a good credit rating, it may even be possible to get zero percent car loans in Richmond, KY. So just how good will your fico scores have to be? You will want a fantastic credit score – significantly greater than Kentucky’s average of 679.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Richmond, KY

Richmond Buy Here Pay Here
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In KY, the average fico is 679, and yet approximately 25% of Richmond’s 47,898 residents are estimated to have a credit score of below 620. For consumers who have terrible credit scores in Richmond, KY, buy here pay here financing is often your only option. A lot of these dealers approve auto loans directly to the purchaser, and they’re less worried about your credit rating than traditional finance institutions and lenders.

On the other hand, these are considered lenders of last resort. How come? Because the rates of interest for in-house auto loans in Richmond, KY, are rather high.

Don’t forget, we match you to the most suitable lender, considering your credit scores and income. This may or may not be a car dealer that offers car loans in Kentucky in-house.